headshot-newI started out my career 16 years ago as a weight loss doctor because I genuinely wanted to make a profound difference in people’s lives.  And sure, it’s great to lower cholesterol and blood sugar, but I know for most people it’s far more exciting when they can finally fit into that fabulous dress or that tailored suit that’s been sitting in the back of their closet for a decade (or two).

When I started my weight loss practice, like most MDs I used meal replacements (and medication) to help patients lose weight because of the huge body of research showing their effectiveness in weight loss. But after a while, recommending products loaded with chemicals and artificial ingredients didn’t seem like such a great idea, so I started trying to teach my patients everything that I knew  about nutrition and how to eat real food to lose weight.   And I tried REALLY hard.  I spent hours with each patient going over the nutrients in food, how to combine them to control hunger better, boost their energy, and lose weight.  I had dozens of handouts on how to tackle every eating situation imaginable, how to makeover their favorite meals, how to eat out – I tried to tackle every eating situation imaginable.

choices-shakesBut guess what? I FAILED.  No matter how hard I tried to teach people how to eat and not to rely on meal replacements, most just didn’t lose as much weight.  And they were still confused about what to eat – I would get emails, calls and texts around the clock from patients who were at the grocery store, at a restaurant, or even home asking for advice on what they should buy/order/cook.  Or they had questions about ingredients, nutrients or food groups (Was dairy ok? Their neighbor’s acupuncturist said it wasn’t.) Or they were concerned about the latest headlines on the evening news suggested that sugar should be avoided at all costs (thank goodness that’s not true!) And even if they did know what to eat most of the time, they got tired of having to decide what the best choice for weight loss was every second of every day, so they often made the wrong decisions (even if they were eating the right food!).  And unfortunately, for many of my patients, even a few wrong decisions led to slow, or worse, NO WEIGHT LOSS. 

So I started to search for meal replacement products that I could feel good about recommending to my patients – products that weren’t too expensive (I’ve always strongly believed that good health should be accessible to everyone), made with high quality ingredients, designed to control hunger better (most dieter’s biggest challenge) and to optimize metabolism (also a major challenge to many dieters–especially women), and containing no artificial ingredients (so I could feel good about recommending them in place of real food.)

choices-supplementsUnfortunately, the products I was looking for just didn’t exist, and definitely not as a complete weight loss system.  Don’t get me wrong – there was no shortage of products out there – just check out the energy bar, protein shake, or supplement aisle of your grocery store (or search the term ‘nutrition bar’ or ‘protein shake’ on Amazon) and you will see hundreds of choices, but not one of them contained everything that I was looking for:  HIGH QUALITY, GREAT TASTE, EXPERT FORMULATION (sorry just because you lost weight or own a cross fit gym that does NOT make you a nutrition expert!), FAIR PRICING (unless your shakes cure cancer they are not worth $120 for a pack of 20-I’m talking to you Beach Body!)  NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS (a product should NOT be called CLEAN if it contains an artificial sweetener. PERIOD. Sorry Quest….)

So even though I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to check off all the boxes I was looking for in a product line and I didn’t really have the time to start a new business (I have two young kids, a super busy career that includes seeing patients for weight loss and nutrition, writing books, appearing on TV frequently, and speaking across the country to both doctor’s and the public about healthy eating), I knew that I HAD to start this company.  And I knew that to REALLY be effective, I had to create a COMPLETE WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEM that was SIMPLE, DELICIOUS, AFFORDABLE, HEALTHY, and that WORKED!

So I created DietBox – everything that you need for weight loss delivered to your doorstep – all you need to bring to the table (no pun intended) is a smart dinner (don’t worry, I created an awesome app to help with that and to give you a little extra motivation along the way) and a piece of fresh fruit (yes, it’s true, an apple a day DOES keep the doctor away)

So what are you waiting for? Let’s lose weight, look great and get healthy together.  Doctor’s orders!

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